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The CrossRoads Diaries

“Cross” is for the One who saves us all, and “Roads” represents the path we travel.  “Diaries” represent what has occurred at a place and time that may include emotions and reflections.  We all encounter crossroads in our lives. Crossroads are a place of decision because there are several paths that can be taken.  We can go straight, left or right, or turn around and try to go back from where we came.  The “Crossroads” in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam was a difficult place for the Mobile Riverine Force.  I will have to face the demons and the Blessings, The Good-The Bad-and The Ugly, the right and wrong, and the exhilarating experiences of being a young man in combat.  There were choices that were made that have affected so many people. Memories fade and get distorted by life events.  There is no intention to deceive, manipulate, avoid, or change anything that occurred during my time in Vietnam.  At the time of writing this diary, almost 50 years have passed.  As Si Robinson of Duck Dynasty states, “it is mostly truthful”.


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