Spring 1967

Spring is the time of new life.  Eggs hatch and growth begins. Boot Camp is over and it is a time to enjoy life in San Diego.  I am away from home and on my own.  Sorta!  Mom had to sign me into the Navy because I was so young and she did so, on the pretense I would not have to go to Vietnam.  Although unauthorized, 4 guys decide to share an apartment so that time can be more enjoyable.  The apartment has a small bed, 1 sofa sleeper, a tiny kitchen with dining table, and is across the street from the San Diego Zoo.  Put a uniform on and you get in for free.  Still a virgin, but… get tested to the max.  Still a “total-abstainer” but succumb at a party to celebrate the end of our off-duty living arrangement.  How would I know that a Michelob would taste like vanilla ice cream… I had to scream “give me mo”… oh, that Michelo!  In a day or so, off I go to a city by the bay… all because of a decision on a very fateful day.

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